Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Sketching part 3

I just found my huge watercolor moleskine, and while I didn't actually paint anything yet (I know, shame on me) I did sketch some stuff. Here we go!

I was surprised to find this sketch already in here.

It was pretty hard trying not to get caught by these people.

I was listening to the Decemberists, and I really love their storytelling in their music. I fell in love with the song about the Shankill Butchers, and also When the War Came, both off the album 'The Crane Wife'. I may do a piece about the Crane Wife itself, really interesting folk tale. I did a little Mariner's Revenge sketch too, great song by them.

This guy is from an upcoming story about a demon youth who gets trapped on earth due to his older brother (pictured above) stripping him of his ability to travel back and forth between dimensions. I've been trying to figure out a look to him that's almost ethereal. I'm not quite there yet....

That's all for now!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summmmmmer sketching part 2

While cleaning my room this morning, I came across my concept book from Concept Design in Sequential Art. The thing is absolutely filled with tons of world, character, and creature sketches, and it's just waay too much to post here. I'm thinking about making a whole separate blog strictly for concept design for my 8 stories that I have swirling around in my head. I think it would be a good place to keep track of everything and get some feedback on my design and development.

Anywho, here's part two of the summer sketch dump:

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Sketching

Hello all! One night I went to bed at 11, woke up at 2AM and decided to stay up and draw myself insane until 5:30 AM. Here are some of the results of that night.

My little pear fairy character, Nashi Pear is always tons of fun to draw. A little girl tried to convince me that she needs a nose and didn't like my explanation that I created her without a nose. She tried to ask her mom if fairies have noses (of course she said yes), and then I proceeded to ask her if Patrick (from Spongebob) had a nose. That pretty much ended it there. Yay for winning arguments against five-year-olds!

The two previous sketches are because of Drew Soman and we'll leave it at that.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Jelly Girl

I also forgot to post the completed jelly girl.

Creature Stampede

I just scanned a ton of sketches I've done over the summer, but I'm not gonna overwhelm this post with everything. Instead, I'm posting sketches from Spring quarter, sketches that eventually lead up to this creature. I had a TON of fun with these little monsters and their little personalities, and I realized creature design was something I was all about. I always have been drawing animals and dinosaurs when I was little; I guess it just makes sense.

I'm wondering if I can make something out of this. I might do a little book series of these guys getting stuck with a bunch of children somewhere.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Creepo sketch

My mom got super-freaked out about this, so I posted it here for your viewing pleasure.

It was really just an image that popped into my head of a woman trapped in a door as the door knocker. She was being punished in the same manner of many Greek gods, most likely for going into some forbidden/sacred land or castle.

My mom thought I was conjuring spirits and told me not to open those kinds of doors.

It is, however, ironic that today just so happened to be Friday the 13th (even though on here the time is 3 hours behind...)