Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sidewalk Arts!!

Hoo boy,

If today was a turkey, it would be stuffed with all manner of excitement and the most delicious foods one would ever imagine. I got to beat out another girl in a serious match of rock-paper-scissors to spend the whole day with Ed Murrieta, senior creative director of Cartoon Network!!! It was fantastic. He's so fun and down-to-earth, and an all-around nice guy. I also got to meet his wonderful family as well (his grandson is the cutest thing ever). We walked around for judging of the works of Sidewalk Arts, many beautiful entries there, and it looked like so much fun. I'm definitely taking part in it next year if the opportunity doesn't arise for me to volunteer with another awesome guest judge (or maybe it'll be Ed again!). He told me to go with the fun people anyway, mayhaps I'll do just that.

Ooh, I also got him to draw in my sketchbook, but I should prolly make sure he's okay with me posting it before I do....I'll just upload a low-res scan of it for now.

I also drew a bit in my brand-new sketchbook yesterday.

And this painting is one in progress that I should be working on now, and that I'll be working on probably all the rest of this weekend.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hell Week

My goodness, was this week stressful. But productive! Huge image dump right's what I was working on this week. I would scan my SEQA stuff, but I already handed in half my sketchbook.

I changed my idea like I always do for my backlit watercolor assignment. Here's the old idea:

And the new one!!

This panel for Drawing for SEQA took forever and there's still a crapload of things wrong with it, but I worked really hard on it so I still want to share.
I'm just not cut out for comic books; it's a really good thing I didn't switch my major!

This little enjoyable piece will be for my roomate's birthday when I'm finished with it. It's also used on my business card.

And a bunch of sketches from my old Travelouge in Fall quarter:

Hehehe, the strap finished her knee shape. I found that funny.
I like drawing monsters...way too much for my own good...

This post is dedicated to Chris Gash, btw.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Illustrator's talk

So, I just came back from the panel discussion with illustrators Christoph Niemann, Yuko Shimizu , Anita Kunz, and Chris Sickels, and it was AWESOME!! Ughh their work is so amazing, and it makes me feel discouraged and encouraged all at one time. They all made it clear that their ideas aren't immediately awesome and don't come out of thin air, but still...the ideas that do occur are just so amazing and so clever...Christoph Niemann is insane. All of them are incredibly inspirational and tonight made me remember why exactly I'm paying so much money to attend this school: I get to have these fantastic experiences. Well you know...and the education and all.

I got Christoph and Yuko's autograph!

I also did a bunch of sketches during the talk as well...because no illustrator can come to SCAD and talk without risk of being (badly) portrayed in some unknown sketchbook:
It was really interesting to see what their hands were doing (my favorite is Niemann in the middle):

Playing around with a more whimsical style-

And whimsy in a different sense-

...Today was a good day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Yeah, so my attempts at being clever are laughable at best (and not in the way I would like them to be). In Illustration Markets, we have to do an Editorial Illo for In Character magazine, and of course, I pick the generosity issue, who's cover I cannot top:

It's unfairly perfect. Like, that's EXACTLY what generosity is! What am I supposed to come up with now? So here's my fail cover (partially scanned because I don't have a large format scanner and I'm too lazy to piece together a mere comp/sketch):

I was kinda feeling okay about it.....

Okay so I thought it was a good cover that got to the point, but my senses are obviously skewed when I saw that my professor really wasn't feeling it, and I understood why: It just gives too much information. It's not at all clever (much like me), and so I need to figure out another angle. He did like the hands though, he wants me to keep them.

This one, however, he loved and wants me to keep.

It's about tithing (giving 10 percent of your income to the church) . There was a passage that regarded it as a spiritual investment that ensured money, health, or well-being.

I need to figure out how to illustrate generosity.

Cocoa START!!

Hello, just feeling around the fresh new blog space, so I feel I should start by posting some new artwork and sketches! The old, finished stuff is still on my
Deviantart, so feel free to check it out!

These are some sketches for Illustration Techniques II (backlighting done in watercolor assignment) that I was working on:
Hilariously enough, I just did a watercolor in Techniques I that had backlighting:

These are for the previous assignment, it had to be a song lyric Illustration (I chose Monster by Meg & Dia because I just wanted to draw a monster):

The finished scratchboard piece: