Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sidewalk Arts!!

Hoo boy,

If today was a turkey, it would be stuffed with all manner of excitement and the most delicious foods one would ever imagine. I got to beat out another girl in a serious match of rock-paper-scissors to spend the whole day with Ed Murrieta, senior creative director of Cartoon Network!!! It was fantastic. He's so fun and down-to-earth, and an all-around nice guy. I also got to meet his wonderful family as well (his grandson is the cutest thing ever). We walked around for judging of the works of Sidewalk Arts, many beautiful entries there, and it looked like so much fun. I'm definitely taking part in it next year if the opportunity doesn't arise for me to volunteer with another awesome guest judge (or maybe it'll be Ed again!). He told me to go with the fun people anyway, mayhaps I'll do just that.

Ooh, I also got him to draw in my sketchbook, but I should prolly make sure he's okay with me posting it before I do....I'll just upload a low-res scan of it for now.

I also drew a bit in my brand-new sketchbook yesterday.

And this painting is one in progress that I should be working on now, and that I'll be working on probably all the rest of this weekend.


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  1. Goodness, that watercolor is loverly! The composition is doing quite well with the colors. Can't wait to see you put that backlighting in - make those edges pop, baby. =3

    And Ed Murietta, gah. That's frickin' awesome. And how great is that sketch of his? Nashi much? ;)