Sunday, May 16, 2010


...I haven't updated for a while. Shame on me! Well because of my lack of updating I have a great wealth of art done over the past 3 weeks, so it's a fun time for everyone.

On an awesome note, I had an interview with the amazingly talented and famous illustrator Jon Foster!! Go check out his amazing work! It was an honor and a privilege to be able to speak with such an insightful and down-to-earth person, and he gave a lot of useful advice about entering the field of illustration and make sure doing what you love is truly what you love to do. I would post it, but I don't know if I am allowed to.

In other news, here are like the half-million (yeah right) projects I finished over these weeks:

1. The In Character Magazine cover

This didn't turn out as well as could be with all the hype that was attached to it. My professor seemed to like it a lot, which is good, but as with everything, I could have done better. Playing with the colors was fun. It was better as a stand-alone without the text added, but you know:

And also, the spot illos:

2. Backlit Watercolor

This one should have turned out so much better than it did. That is all.

3. Gouache Secrets

We had to illustrate either secrets or Noah's Ark in gouache, and of course me being me, I choose the secrets. Here's the comp:

And the final:

I liked this one much better than the watercolor, but I still got the same kinds of marks on it as with the previous, and no one said anything about it, like at all, during critique, which was really frustrating because I would, you know, like to improve. I was happy I was able to use the color yellow in a much more desirable way than I imagine the color yellow would be used by me. It was a lot of fun to paint, especially the fabric!

4. Character Design for Sequential Art

This was enjoyable, that is all. She is a female inventor in the Victorian Era, who works as a seamstress by day and sneaks off to try to uphold her father's legacy by inventing things people couldn't even imagine back in those times. She has to fight hard to hide this from her mother and successfully create something without blowing it up (which explains her partial bustle). She sewed those pants herself.

I'll upload the rest when I get to a massive scanner!

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  1. Hi! You know me! Think hard on it :) haha
    I just wanted to say hi and to maybe offer a critique on your "secrets" piece. I feel the subject of your illustration is getting lost. I like the covered mouth and the many hands grasping at balloons but the image as a whole reads as "8 heads tall woman of average design sits in clouds while wearing strange dress and enough frills to pass as a sea creature". I don't think that's what you were going for!
    I'm just teasing a little, but try to go for a more cohesive message with your design elements.