Friday, June 4, 2010

Oops again

Just got home back to JER Z and kinda miserable. Anyway, here is some art for you because I kind of lost my will to live and pretty much everything else

Final proj from Seqa Art....IT TOOK FOREVER

We had to make a 4 page long comic from a professional script instead of doing our last sketchbook assignments, and I proceeded to freak out, as I have never done any pages before EVER (Original script here...first 6 actual pages here [Lienel Yu owned me so hard])

Opening city panel, my word, did it take long. This was my first time ever doing actual Sequential pages, let alone a massive future Tokyo cityscape, so yeah. There are tons of errors in these panels, many of which I didn't have time to fix, but now I know for next time (especially after seeing the actual comic pages). Also, I had the choice whether to do a city scape or a MASSIVE 30-FT TALL SAMURAI WAR DROID ERUPTING OUT OF THE FLOOR needless to say I was very sad because they figured the city would be more of a challenge for me :[

Big character reveal- which happens to be my fav page, this also took forever, and he's not quite standing on that floor, but boy was drawing all those bodies both daunting and fun. My prof liked this page as well (one of my classmates actually noticed the slumped [albeit small] body in the b/g over the couch). Good times. Yay for blood covering up perspective lines I don't wish to draw/figure out! :D

"Oh noes stereotypically named Japanese man, please don't kill me!" Hahaha I hate this page, that levitation sequence was painful to do. The class didn't really like Leinel's interpretation of it either, although that could have been only to make me feel a bit better about the SUCK

Prof like the emotion in panel 4 which made me happy. Up and down extreme perspective=not easy

Onward to stuff I actually care about (lol not really [actually I don't mean that at all])

Final from Illo Markets, and the Norovirus book cover (homage to Kenneth unintentionally here)

And Cut paper illo Final from Techniques II:
Comp andddd final which was a TON of fun

That is all! Please feel free to crit anything to your heart's content :>

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