Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Illustrator's talk

So, I just came back from the panel discussion with illustrators Christoph Niemann, Yuko Shimizu , Anita Kunz, and Chris Sickels, and it was AWESOME!! Ughh their work is so amazing, and it makes me feel discouraged and encouraged all at one time. They all made it clear that their ideas aren't immediately awesome and don't come out of thin air, but still...the ideas that do occur are just so amazing and so clever...Christoph Niemann is insane. All of them are incredibly inspirational and tonight made me remember why exactly I'm paying so much money to attend this school: I get to have these fantastic experiences. Well you know...and the education and all.

I got Christoph and Yuko's autograph!

I also did a bunch of sketches during the talk as well...because no illustrator can come to SCAD and talk without risk of being (badly) portrayed in some unknown sketchbook:
It was really interesting to see what their hands were doing (my favorite is Niemann in the middle):

Playing around with a more whimsical style-

And whimsy in a different sense-

...Today was a good day.

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