Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Sketching part 3

I just found my huge watercolor moleskine, and while I didn't actually paint anything yet (I know, shame on me) I did sketch some stuff. Here we go!

I was surprised to find this sketch already in here.

It was pretty hard trying not to get caught by these people.

I was listening to the Decemberists, and I really love their storytelling in their music. I fell in love with the song about the Shankill Butchers, and also When the War Came, both off the album 'The Crane Wife'. I may do a piece about the Crane Wife itself, really interesting folk tale. I did a little Mariner's Revenge sketch too, great song by them.

This guy is from an upcoming story about a demon youth who gets trapped on earth due to his older brother (pictured above) stripping him of his ability to travel back and forth between dimensions. I've been trying to figure out a look to him that's almost ethereal. I'm not quite there yet....

That's all for now!!

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