Saturday, September 18, 2010

All things quite wonderful

The Illustration grad students just had a gallery opening yesterday (called the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly) and it was just the most fantastic day. The work was beautiful, everyone was there, and I got to meet some very awesome new friends. I was pleased with the way my own piece came out, especially because I used to be terrified of watercolor, and somehow with a little patience I was able to make it bend to my will...

I was partly inspired by the softness of the works of Joy Ang and James Jean. One day I aspire to that kind of greatness. One day...

This isn't the finished version of the piece. I was going to mix it with digital, but thankfully decided against it.

"Under Your Skin" (2010)

Read the image any way you want (I personally read it from top to bottom). Soon I'm going to post the evolution of this piece, it went through so many stages, it's ridiculous. I should do my thesis on process in Illustration and how not to FAIL at it.

Even though this wasn't fail in my book. For which I am glad.

In other news, I got all my sketches back from my Drawing for SEQA class in Spring finally, so those will also be posted very soon once I bring them to the large format scanner! So keep a lookout for those!


  1. Absolutely love this! There is such a great contrast between the realism at the top and the simple people a the bottom. I wish maybe there was a background to it, but otherwise wow!

  2. Well yeah, this was unfinished, so I did add more subtle background detail.. the next post will have the finished version! Thanks Dan!