Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Illustration for Publication

Hahaha I love this class, everytime we have a project, the sketches are always due the same day! Pretty much, how it works, is that a real client comes to us and asks the students to send sketches for a certain project they need (a spot for a magazine, a banner for a website...) and we each send a sketch of our idea and the client picks one of us. When they do, they must take it to final and then will subsequently be published! It's a very competitive class, and it makes it very hard not to go overboard on illustrating. They usually want more simple, straightforward ideas. Here are two of the three sketches I've done for the class so far:

This one is for Main Street Family, a website banner. Please ignore my bad hand-written type.

This one was for a magazine article about 'real' country music.
Maybe I shouldn't post these until I know whether or not I got the project... oh well. I'll take em down if need be.

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