Sunday, September 26, 2010

Creature Infestation!

Hello all,

For my independent study this quarter, I wanted to a 'children's book' about a girl who discovers a huge group of mythical creatures. I say 'children's' because it's a bit dark; there are a group of children who believe a folklore that if you wear one of the creature's heads, you gain special abilities/immortality, so the children run around trying to hunt these creatures down. Totally not a children's book, but I want it to have the feel of one. I'm not sure how I'm going to execute the story in terms of finishing, but I do know that it is a ton of fun to draw, and I'm going to enjoy at least that much. :D

The creatures are based off the ones I designed for the paper monster project , I enjoyed drawing them so much I wanted to do this story featuring the crazy cast. Here's some concept sketches for you!~


  1. you are so flappin awesome! bemyfriend!BEMYFRIEEEEND!

  2. Just checking in, everything looks great, LB. Did you land anything for Publication class yet???

  3. Yes! I got 2 spots chosen for What's Up Annapolis Magazine!