Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I HAVE A WEBSITE: www.labillustration.com

Hello all! I haven't updated in a while; oops. However, as a result, there is a ton of stuff I have to show from my two classes from last quarter!

First up! From my Professional Practices class, I did 4 illustrations that I combined into a set of 4 postcards. They merge into a single image when aligned together.

These were two book cover illos for Japanese folktales: Urashima Taro and The Crane Wife:

And The Pitch is the class that consumed most of my time this quarter; we had to spend 10 weeks developing a Pitch for Nancy Spears, marketing executive at Warner Bros. My Pitch was Norovirus, a story of a computer virus who gains sentience and escapes from the company who created her to the human world. Here are some keyframe illustrations from that show!


  1. WOW! Did you really do those two book cover illustrations?! They dont look like your usual style, but are AMAZING! :D You are phenomenal!

  2. Great work! Will Warner Bros now produce Norovirus?8^}

  3. Wow, Lauren! I love both of those illustration styles. Keep it up, girly!

  4. What the what?! These are ridiculous!