Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Sketches!!

Have an art, or 13.

WORLD'S BEST DAD. A character design challenge where we had to incorporate an unusual animal/human mix.
Kurai, my old character from like, 10 years ago that I decided to redraw.

This is a character from a video game I really wish I could make; the game is basically you, alone, versus a world that desperately wants you dead.

Character design blitz! I need to color some of these:

I was drawing objects around my room as characters: my lamp is the drummer, the speakers are that ninja lady, and I'm not sure what the fat monster is...

What an unfortunate creature.

I need to finish this one:
And a character for my Drew!

When I get my hard drive hooked up to my computer, I will post the second of the Lucas book! For now, I hope you enjoy these!

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