Thursday, October 18, 2012

Power of the Pen

It's amazing how much less work I've been producing since getting a job a year ago. It's quite sad actually. But I don't think I always give myself enough credit. I've always gauged my successes in art by how many completely finished, colored illustrations I have. But I still have been drawing quite a lot. I've inked a bunch of things, and I never posted them because I never seem to see the value in them. I found some inked illustrations today and realized that I need to give them more attention.

Sketching and inking has always been my favorite part of the art process for me. That, and seeing a finished, colored illustration. But for some reason, I can never seem to get colors right. There have been very few illustrations where I've been truly happy with the end result. I think it's simply because I love doing lineart so much, that once a piece has been colored, it takes the attention away from the part I have the most enjoyment in. I need to find a balance between line and color, or even better: a marriage between the two.

This is a struggle that I have been facing for years. Any advice anyone wants to give me would be extremely helpful.

But for now, have some inked drawings I found laying around in my Bristol pad!

Ursula, one that I abandoned coloring on
 Snow, from Norovirus

The inks of Midna, from one of my previous posts!

These are all huge, so if anyone wants to take a crack at coloring the lineart, feel free to use it as a test (not as actual profitable work, of course! Don't make money off me plz) Show me the result, maybe it will help me, who knows!?

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